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The BEAUTY INSPIRES BEAUTY movement began as a fun way to showcase my love for this amazing industry, but has quickly transformed into so much more.

Through cute and comfy apparel, our mission is to create an avenue for you to be uniquely YOU. With so much pressure to be like everyone else, we know how challenging it can be to stay true to who you really are and what you believe in—no excuses! We promise to create fashionable swag that will make you feel confident in who you are.


But first, a little backstory…

A few years ago I had the opportunity to create a program for underprivileged teen girls. It changed my life.  We created the STRONG GIRLS Program to help support these girls as they prepared for adulthood. Through mindset and physical education we helped provide a safe and positive space for the girls to learn what being strong meant to them. In this process, my love for the Beauty industry and my love of mentorship was ignited. I knew I could do more than create beautiful hair, I knew it was time to take every single lesson and setback I had experienced over my 20 year career as a stylist, mother and woman and use it to give back to our amazing industry.


After a 5 year long personal development journey, a 6-month business mastermind, personal coaches, thousands of dollars spent and a network of amazing humans, the Six Figure Stylist program was born. The transformational ONE on ONE mentorship gives mentees the support, real world tools, framework, and guidance to push through limiting beliefs holding them back from achieving the life and business of their dreams! Having a coach and mentor changed my life. In return, being a coach and mentor has become my life's work. I love nothing more than to see the mindset shift into abundance and gratitude for what is and what is to come!


How We Make It Happen
In addition to our one-on-one mentorships, online course to take at your own pace, mini courses (coming soon), we are launching a podcast! Speaking with industry professionals, taking live questions, and so much more! Our podcasts dive deep into the industry, ins & outs of the business, affect that COVID-19 have had on stylists, and so much more. You can watch the videos live on our website here!


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One last word…


As we build this brand, my WHY will always remain the same: lead by example so others can see what’s possible. If I have the courage to do something new, I pray it will give someone that same belief.


Being a stylist has been such a rewarding career. I know firsthand how hard we had to prove that this could be a real career. I know how hard each and every person in the beauty industry works. I see the love and passion my fellow industry members have for their business and I want nothing more than to see them thriving, making great money, and living life on THEIR TERMS!

Thanks for being here, confidence looks SO good on you.





Welcome to the FAM!

Here I've created all the things I wish existed for the BEAUTY entrepreneur who wants to take their business and life to the next level!  I know you can find the tools and support here to help you grow your business and MINDSET, so you too can life a life you are OBSESSED with!    


Entrepreneurship has some how always been a way of life for me.  I have always loved that feeling of pride that comes with putting in everything you’ve got... so after beauty school, I found my way to the prestigious  Robert Cromeans Salon in San Diego.  From day one I knew I had found my TRIBE!  There were over 35 stylists there, all who offered me the chance to learn so much from just being around them! These people were different in an entirely refreshing way and the best part? They didn’t care that they were different!  They embraced who they were unapologetically and the unique talent they brought to the beauty industry.  (That kind of confidence has carried with me!). And aloud me to realize, we were all aloud to be our own brand.  It was right here with them where I learned the foundation of hairdressing and the importance of creating a totally unique experience for my clients, branding yourself individually and making sure you set yourself apart!  And the true importance of real connection with your clients!  What I didn't learn was ANY of the back end business shit I needed to know, to actually run my own "successful" business! (more on that later....entire reason WHY I created this platform!!!)

Fast forward to opening a salon with my mentor as both a full time stylist and salon director, building my clientele in a time where social media didn’t exist (how did we survive?!).  It was time to hustle!  Old-school gorilla marketing at it’s finest—you know, going outside to actually talk to people and hand out my cards!  Building relationships.... (I call that relationship capitol) I did a ton of free work, took all the classes, invested in learning how to teach, put in crazy long hours, and took the client's no one wanted. I simply said YES to everything!


In less than three years I had hit well over 6 figures and built up my business to the point of needing a full-time assistant.  This was really a pivotal point for me in my career, where I realized I had two choices: I could stay grinding away and make it work with the salon, or I could move on and essentially "start my own business" (whoah scary).

They didn't teach Beauty business 101 in beauty school!  So I've had to figure it all out through a ton of trial and error! Pre YOU TUBE and Social media..

 And with the new laws and pod/self work spaces being the new normal..its more important then ever to build your own brand and be in full control of YOUR clientele (even if you work in an amazing salon)...Yes I can help you with all of that! But ultimately you have to know the "business" side not just the technical side of hairdressing!

So when I took a leap of faith and moved on, pushing myself way outside of my comfort zone...I found another amazing tribe of successful entrepreneurs at a high-energy salon and stayed there for nearly ten years. Learned how to run my own schedule and kept up that 6 figure business I had worked so hard to build!  (This time keeping way more than 40%) . Now being a salon owner (still can't believe I did the damn thing!?) and a successful SIX FIGURE STYLIST myself I know exactly what it takes!  And I want nothing more than to share "ALL THE THINGS" with YOU!


Looking back at the past twenty years in the business, I have learned some powerful lessons: that only I have the ability to control my business, social media can be your friend (consistency is key), building your own brand is a #nonnegotiable,  my success is not dependent on what type of salon I’m in and, importance of relationship capitol, and most importantly, building a tribe of support in this industry is a MUST, which for me included hiring a mentor!

Now I’m taking all of those lessons, setbacks, investments, successes and transforming them into an accessible platform all for you... 

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Meet Jessica
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