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2021 is the perfect time to invest in yourself!


HOLLY HELL was 2020 a shit show of up's and down's.. Now that we have made it through (many of us barely!)

It's time to take back control of your life and business!


Growing and creating a Beauty Business that you love can be A LOT of work. 

 (Social media marketing, oversaturated industry, new guidelines, finding YOUR unique aesthetic, branding, knowing your numbers, setting boundaries with clients, managing your time...)


All the things they left out in beauty school!

BUT, this industry can seriously be the best career EVER if you set yourself up right and follow these simple step by step outlines we have created just for you!


Yes, you’re one smart cookie and you could probably consume allll the podcasts and free training available and figure out how to reach your goals.  And you have probably done everything on your own up until this point, but I want you to know there is a better way!


Why do it the hard way if you don't have to? You no longer have to figure it all out on your own. I've packed my 20 years of industry knowledge and knowhow into this 14 week Mentorship!  Being in this mentorship surrounded by other Beauty Business Babes ALL wanting the same growth is where the magic happens!  

Surround yourself with others willing to invest in themselves too!

This kind of experience will change EVERYTHING  for you!  I know it did for me!

I want you to know EXACTLY how to work smarter, not harder to maximize your income and time in 2021

Give yourself a HUGE hug and honor how far you've come already...But get ready to take things up a notch!  Are your ready?! Let's GOOOOO

I want you to start 2021 feeling strong, empowered, in control & ready to make it your best year yet!

What is the Mentorship all about..

What you get....

The Beauty Business Mentorship! 


8 focused modules with content, homework & 

Over 12+ hours of video content 

Weekly group coaching calls to work through each module

Guest Experts answering live Q & A

Self care support

Amazing Breath work sessions created just for us!

And never before, accountability coaches to insure you are fully supported through out the Mentorship! 

The complete Beauty Business Mentorship workbook

Access to the Beauty Insiders Private Facebook Community

& More!

2020-01-08 17.24.15.jpg

SO Excited for you!  YOU'RE IN! 

Beauty INspires Beauty Headers (14).png
One Time Payment of 
4 Payments of 
BONUS: A Pre-Party Call with Jessica! 
Get pumped up for the course, dive into your course goals & more! 
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